Weekend Lockdowns begins with no indication when you will come out of house arrest due to COVID!


PM Minnis told Parliament Hospitals are full! New CURFEW is 7pm – 5am daily! WEEKEND IS COMPLETE LOCKDOWN!

Oh and Minnis say “go write a song or wear a T-shirt”…😂😂😂😂😂 – UNPROFESSIONAL!

“~What we do together will determine our shared future.” – The Most Hon. Hubert A. Minnis 🇧🇸

🇧🇸 Highlights from Parliament

  • Regular life and business can proceed with greater normalcy in most family islands.

📌There are Urgent challenges in New Providence and Abaco.


The following provisions will Take effect on Friday 9th October, 2020 at 7pm.

⏰Full 24-hour Weekend curfews.

• Beginning Friday evenings at 7pm and end Monday mornings at 5am.

🏝Holiday weekend – Full 3 day 24 hour curfew from Friday at 7pm.

📌These apply Only for New Providence and Abaco. This does not include Grand Bahama and the Family islands.

  • During these weekend curfews, only essential services (Uniform branches, public health services and essential utility services will be able to operate)

✈️Sea and airports will continue to operate. No disruption in flight.

  • There will be 1 hour of worship services on Saturday and Sunday’s from 7am.

📌No food stores, pharmacies,
Gas stations, or laundromats will be able to operate during the full 24-hour weekend curfew.

  • Food distribution will be tailored to take place during the weekdays.

📍Weekday curfew:

Monday – Friday
7pm – 5am

• NO social gatherings will be permitted.

🚨Police will be aggressive and will set up monitoring stations.

☎️Confidential hotline for persons wanting to report any social gatherings 702-9967-9.

During the week:

• Churches may open for private prayer through the week.

⛪️10 people will be permitted to attend funerals at the graveyard. Wakes will not be permitted

⛪️10 people will be permitted to attend Weddings. Wedding receptions will not be permitted.

✏️Schools on NP and Abaco May only proceed by virtual means. No in person schooling for students.

🏖Beaches and parks on NP and Abaco will be closed.

• Exercise is permitted in your respective neighborhood Monday – Friday 5am – 7pm.

🏋🏽‍♂️Gyms will once again be closed.

📌Workplace is a major source of community spread. All of those who can work from him should do so.

• Public offices will be instructed by their PS about working from home.

🍟Restaurants – only take away curbside and deliveries will be permitted.

  • No indoor or outdoor dining on NP and Abaco for now.

📌All retail will be curbside except for food stores.

  • Other retail, customers are not permitted to enter the store.

🛒Supermarkets are open every day Monday – Friday. They have sufficient food.

⛽️Gas stations are not permitted to offer in store services.

💰All fines for breaching health protocols will be doubled to encourage compliance with public health measures.

• Bahamians and residents seeking to book hotel rooms will be required to have a negative covid-19 test.

• These measures do not affect travel.

✈️November 1 remains the day for international travel.

  • The healthcare system and medical professionals are stranded.
  • Hospitals are full.
  • If there is further deterioration we risk a collapse of the Healthcare system.