What a waste of people’s time – Papa said nothing with sense at the big meeting in Freeport



Bad Management, WUTLESS leadership the people who has overstayed their time in government has brought the country to its knees. Keep ya eye on him the real barefoot bandit.

Freeport, Grand Bahama —  The people of Grand Bahama flocked to Christ King Parish Hall this afternoon to hear what PM Ingraham had to say relative to the candidates in Grand Bahama and the status of Kenneth Russell’s nomination. The residents of Grand Bahama were left with their mouths wide open and highly disappointed as Ingraham said absolutely nothing with sense.

The meeting was called to order and opened with a prayer and the singing of the National Anthem. The names of Members of Parliaments in attendance were called off by David Thompson, who then introduced the Prime Minister.

Papa started off by saying that he was born in Grand Bahama, his grandmother placed him in the care of Hugh Campbell and how he would do nothing to hurt Grand Bahamians.

He went on to say Russell was fired for breaching Cabinet protocol, however, he never mentioned why he does not want Mr. Russell to run again in Eastern Grand Bahama. Both arguments are not the same.

He went on to say that the branches will be allowed to submit two names to the Council and the Council will then select the candidate to contest the seats. We here at BP wonder whether two names will be submitted for the North Abaco seat. We are just wondering.

The meeting was then brought to an end with a prayer without Papa taking not one question or without Mr. Russell being allowed to defend himself.

Mr. Russell confirmed to BP shortly after the conclusion of the meeting, that he intends to make a statement in Parliament in the morning during the sitting of the House of Assembly.

What a waste of the public funds as there appeared to be hundreds of Police Officers in uniform and plainclothes in attendance. Further, Papa said nothing with sense or gave any reason why he did not meet with the investors or why he turned down the project for East Grand Bahama, which could have employed thousands of Bahamians.

The Prime Minister and his entourage then left having disappointed the thousands of people in attendance. One avid supporter of the FNM in attendance said to BP, “THIS MEETING COULD HAVE BEEN HELD OVER THE PHONE, PAPA SAID NOTHING AND TOOK NO QUESTIONS. Why come here to waste our time. I am voting PLP this time.”


FNMs at Christ the King Hall today.


  1. bahamas press i am sad to say this morning that am i shame to be a grand bahamain to sit and watch the PM made a mockery out of a man who surported the party for many years made me sad if Mr. Russell was my dad i think i would of throw a chair at the PM that sunday evening and the ppl of grand bahama who is hurting the most to sit there and laugh at mr. Russell in his face was wrong people don’t feel sorry for him right now but he is someone son, husband, father and brother that was no way for the PM to address him like he wasn’t even there and it was so sad to see the man who says he is a pastor to sit there and laugh at that mess remember there is a God who sats high on the thrown and what goes around comes around what he did to him can surely happen to you it also made me mad to see him address him as Ken not even a Mr. if the PM can’t show example what the children of this nation surpose to do come on Mr.PM set examples for our children my son asked who is Ken why he call him Ken if a 10yrs old could see you wrong you wrong in my book what a shame for Grand Bahama a man fighting for them for a change and tell laugh in his face that’s why i love my PLP when the PLP ask them how is Grand bahama Mr. Russell was one of them that says all his well in GB now it is not well in his soul.

  2. Kenneth can’t expect to curse out the boss and still have a job, I believe he underestimated his friendship with Ingraham. These Bahamians too like mixing business with pleasure, one thing don’t have anything to do with the other. Carry your azz and do your job and stop grinning your teeth at foolishness and let your performance speak for itself. We have to get out the mindset that he‘s my friend, so he will look out for me. That man wasn’t pushing his weight, those people in High rock was hurting and they still hurting. You wasn’t hearing anything from him, now he get fired he could run crying to Grand Bahama looking for sympathy from those people. He’s wrong, he know them people have their own stress already and he don’t need to be working on their emotion. Trying to make it look like he got fired because he was looking for jobs for them, when he knows it’s much more to the story than that. The Prime Minister didn’t feel like anyone would miss him that’s why he’s gone. If he felt Ken’s dismal would have affected his campaign in a negative way, Ken would have been right there with the FNM today. So Ken just need to wipe his nose; dry his eyes and get over this. Be happy to be out of there, that party is only laced with a bunch of backstabbers and people who can’t wait to cut one another throats anyway. Brent could of leave out the profanity in the message Ken send back to Papa, because I know he realized Ken was just upset upon hearing the news, but no, not him, he was only too happy to repeat it, he knew a messages like that was only going to run Papa hot when he hear it and prompt Papa to call an urgent meeting with Kenneth and let him go. He know just how giddy and spiteful that man is. Ingraham have all of them trained to cut throats. It’s a dog eat dog world my brother. Trust no one.

  3. BP, you is a liar. Right on dat clip, HI asked if anyone had questions. This is an FNM bashing site, and ya just pissed cus now you realise that HI still gat plenty support, and we FNMs ain goin down without a fight. Anyhow, you gat plenty time to lie cus we ain start nuttin yet1 the FNm silent majority ga rear up and show da PLp and DNA dat dey ain gone NOWHERE!!!!

  4. BP why dont u tell the truth. Freeport is ready to vote the FNM back in and u know it. U need to tell the people the truth sometimes. HAI delivered to us and you need to tell the truth. It was crowded and U and the PLP runnin scared!!!! This only the beginning.

  5. BP, your report is not the same as ZNS’s report. n that report, much was relayed about what HI said to the gathered crowd, and the video of the supporters showed people waving their hands and smiling. I guessBp is pissed that the FNM still has so much support, BOL!

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