What is the DNA of the DNA? The FNM has GONE GREEN!!!


By Joette Penn/ http://tamrinswitch.wordpress.com/

The talk of the town for a long time now had been Branville McCartney and what he was going to do since he tendered his resignation from the FNM. That question was answered definitely last Thursday when Branville McCartney had a launch for his new political party, the Democratic National Alliance. Now you may not be a conspiracy theorist like the people that are buzzing in my ear but the first thing that should jump out at you is the use of the world Alliance instead of Party, but anyway.

As I mentioned Branville McCartney held a launch for his party last week and it was first billed as an invite only event. However it happened the DNA had a great showing of support from people for whatever reason whether it was curiosity or genuine support for the new party. Mr. McCartney gave a disappointing at best speech and announced some of the candidates that he intends to run in the next general elections. Among them were singer Sammi Star and a lady by the name of Kelphine Cunningham, what is notable about Ms. Cunningham is the fact that she is around the same age as Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie who are said to be too old and out of touch so I guess there goes that argument.

What was also notable about the DNA launch was that there was no announcement of party officers inclusive of a Deputy Leader, Secretary General or even a Chairman.

There was no talk of a constitution or by laws or how the DNA will be governed or how they intend to govern the Bahamas (although I did see a vision and mission statement on their facebook page). There was however a lot of Mr. McCartney asking the crowd to imagine this, that and the other and quoting of notable deceased leaders. What was also notable was the deja vu feeling I got when Mr. McCartney was speaking, I found myself constantly thinking where have I heard this before.

What is even more peculiar is the dead silence from the Free National Movement in the wake of the official launch of the DNA. There has been not one word, not even from Hubert Ingraham. After all it one were to look at the superficial circumstances it would seem like Branville McCartney has not only left the FNM but has taken a lot of their support with him, some even say that McCartney has gotten some of the FNM backers to now support his efforts.

The conspiracy theorists whispering in my ear think that there is just something not right. Here you have Tommy Turnquest who is said to want to regain leadership in the party…….silent. The FNM’s chairman who is vocal on some things to the point of verbal diarrhea……..silent. The FNM’s maximum leader who has on more than one occasion used his tongue as a dagger on the best and brightest in politics…….silent. Dion Foulkes, former Deputy leader………silent. Could it be that those whispering in my ear have a point? Could it be that the FNM has formed a coalition with Branville McCartney for him to go out and win seats that they know that cannot and at the end of the day they gang up on the Progressive Liberal Party?

A poll done has placed the FNM out of the running for the next election, they have the PLP holding steady and there are a number of people that are now swing voters or are open to a third party. This may well be the information that the FNM and DNA are going on. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right.

When Branville McCartney resigned from the Cabinet of The Bahamas he made it a point to say that he supported the leadership of the Free National Movement. He was quoted in the Nassau Guardian in March of 2010 as saying. “I am committed to the FNM and Hubert Ingraham. They are the best choice for this Bahamas at this time. And they have my full support.” When he resigned from the party in March of 2011 his press statement said, “I want to state clearly that this decision is not coded in anyway with animosity of any kind for the leadership or members of the party, but a decision out of a need to satisfy my conscience.” One would have thought that Mr. McCartney should have stated what his conscience told him about the FNM.

Whatever the conspiracy theorists say we can only sit, watch and wait to see what will unfold as the campaign for the elections get more intense. Will the lighthouse of the DNA catch fire with the FNM torch and the two become one……..again. Or will Branville McCartney really denounce the FNM and get his Party going in earnest. For those conspiracy theorists and armchair pundits there are really interesting times.


  1. @ Tal Russell

    Stacy is spot on! This “frightened” group of PLP supporters have an election season as long as an Alaska night ahead of them.

    Try as you may, you cannot “spin” away the hunger for change that grips this nation, homey. All of the to and fro rhetoric will do nothing to shake the desire that has been elevated to a DEMAND in the hearts of an increasing number of young and sober-minded Bahamians. Keep saying it Stacy.

  2. Is BP suddenly anti Bran? It seems that only after Mr. McCartney acknowledged BP’s reporting on the DNA being in talks with the FNM and denied those possibilities that BP is now picking on BRAN.

    I read your propaganda reports on a daily basis and you have never been negative towards Mr. McCartney until now. In fact, shortly after his launch of the DNA’s party, BP had nothing negative to say about Mr. McCartney, the DNA or the actual launch. Why is it that more than 7 days later, days after Mr. McCartney sort to set the record straight on the possibility of him rejoining the FNM, does Bahamas Press find Mr. McCartney’s speech at the launch on 12th May disappointing.

    So now you notice that there was no Deputy Leader, Secretary General or Chairman. Did BP not observe this before?

    Come on BP, do you think that the citizens of this Commonwealth are that ignorant and that gullible? You know and I know that the DNA is not paving the way for the FNM. No matter what propaganda you come up with, it will not help the PLP. Bahamians are more much educated than you think and they certainly have a mind of their own.

    If indeed we want to give the PLP another chance to prove themselves it will happen. If Bahamians are satisfied with the FNM and what they have done in the past 4 years then let’s congratulate Mr. Ingraham. However, if we as a people have had enough of the political rhetoric of both the PLP and the FNM, it will definitely be a greener BRAN new day.


    • @ Stacy
      In six days God created the world, including the Bahamas, and still had time to rest on the seventh.
      Maybe BP like many early supporters are getting the feeling that the DNA’s spirit of silence is suffocating the spirit of hope many were hoping for.

  3. Joette Penn could Bran’s ‘alliance’ vehicle be no more than a canary for the FNM cabinet?
    I know some ladies that got more Bush than Bran’s ‘Alliance’ got a message for Bahamians who are in bad need steady jobs.

  4. Will the real Go Green DNA please expose your real political colors?
    The approaching General Elections may just shape up to be the very first time in our entire history whereby voters may be faced with three party options.
    The present game the Democratic Nation Alliance (DNA) party, that is if you can really call them a real party, is attempting to play with their silence may just backfire on their ill-advised political play. Could it be that they lack the will and commitment to challenge the two powerful political parties they must get passed to even have a hope of saving their deposits.
    Someone with influence has to have a straight talk with Bran and tell him that he is nearing the danger zone of communicating to Bahamians that they lack the political savvy to be provided with too much information so early on about his DNA.
    Even though I have said for months that Hubert (AKA) Papa will not lead his FNM cabinet into the upcoming General Elections no party should underestimate the power that can be exercised by this FNM cabinet.
    The just announced road building projects is evidence that they control the treasury and have never shown any hesitation not to use it their political advantage. Former PM Christie made the mistake of pulling back in 2007 and it cost his party the government.
    There is no replay let’s try this again option with elections. Could it be the DNA has now become politically frighten?
    It is difficult for others to leave the FNM and join with the DNA when it seems to be hesitating to make the moves many were expecting before and after the fancy night at the Cable Beach’s event that now seems to have been more showcasing than commitment?

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