What is the plan if Cabinet is hit with a shocking news like: NO cruise ship sails until September 2021!?


NASSAU| Serious news could just hit the Cabinet of the Bahamas where the cruise ship industry can come to a complete stall until September 2021.

Bahamas Press is learning, an extended No Sail Order for all cruise ships could come into effect until the last quarter of the year.

U.S. citizens, particularly travelers with underlying health conditions, are already being advised by the CDC that they should not travel. 

The CDC is advising an increased risk of infection of COVID-19 in travels. In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, many countries have implemented strict screening procedures that deny port entry rights to ships and prevent passengers from disembarking freely.

CDC notes that older adults and travelers with underlying health issues should avoid situations that put them at increased risk for more severe disease. This entails avoiding crowded places, non-essential travel, and especially avoiding cruise ships. Passengers with plans to travel by cruise ship should contact their cruise line companies directly for further information, continue to monitor the travel.state.gov.

News of any delay in cruise arrivals could cripple the economic recovery of the country. The Minnis Government really has no plan to revive and restore the local economy. 

Any such a news of delayed cruise passenger arrivals within the country will affect many private islands in the Bahamas, which rely on port destinations around the country to be enjoyed by cruise passengers. Such a decision will leave budget planners in a tailspin.

Any such decision will delay – for another year – the recovery of an already crippled Tourism Industry of the Bahamas shall force massive unemployment and cause to be announced massive business closures, which are greatly anchored by the cruise businesses.  

Car and motor rentals, straw vendors, braiders, hotels and restaurants, taxi, and all connected service industries greatly rely on cruise ships! Vessels must set sail and quickly before the nation suffer a Economic COVID SHOCK!

Any further delay will send shockwaves throughout the Bahamian economy which is greatly in need of resuscitating, and incubating at this time. What is the PLAN?! Is there any real plan to deliver the Bahamian economy on the road to a real recovery? We need to know!

Given that the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced that Food Assistance and Unemployment Benefits will end in the first quarter of 2021 which is now the plan if such a scenario of delayed cruise sails take place moves to the end of the year?

The Nation Needs Prayers – and we at BP believe no one has gotten that message yet!

We report yinner decide!

Will Bay Street, NASSAU BAHAMAS now be hit with a DEPRESSION like Freeport if cruise ships fails to return to the country anytime soon?