Where does Alfred Sears think he is going with this Leadership bid? Sears must explain some things to the Bahamian People First!


Only the People of the Bahamas can remove Christie! Not even the PLP can do that!

Alfred Sears and his sidekick who said when he becomes Prime Minister. HMMM!
Alfred Sears and his sidekick who said when he becomes Prime Minister. HMMM!

Could the Number Man be backing Sears?

Nassau, Bahamas – At the beginning of the week, former Fort Charlotte MP, who abandoned the people of the Bahamas, the PLP and his constituents before the 2012 general elections, declared his intention to seek the Leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party.

In 2008 we at Bahamas Press, and more importantly this writer, branded Sears as the dark horse for the PLP as he hurled attack after attack at the Ingraham Government with charges of NEGLECT and MISTRUST. We believed at that time Mr. Sears was in his prime as he caused Hubert Ingraham to run out of the Parliament more than once. He was good! He was brilliant. And his exercises of debate and dynamic delivery in the Parliament were what we needed from an opposition.

Since that period in 2008, something went wrong with Mr. Sears. He didn’t have the stick-ability to continue in the public business or the fire to defend the PLP on the national scene.

These episodes, we believe, were high incidents of contempt by the former Fort Charlotte MP. In the end, look who he left our beloved Fort Charlotte with to continue the fight in that community? Chile, please!

Our fallout with Mr. Sears came when he decided to take up the defense of Algernon Cargill, the former disgraced head of the National Insurance Board who paid himself handsomely with bonuses while poor Bahamians, mothers and young dependents, were being denied benefits by Cargill. Mr. Sears stood on the side against the poor. This is not good!

We heard no advocacy from Mr. Sears when young children were being denied benefits by NIB. We heard not one cry from him when Cargill left pensioners out in the cold. We saw not one response from Mr. Sears against the naked, unchristian abuse by his client when condo units rented by NIB were paid to Cargill’s relatives; units of which we later learned were also owned by the former NIB Director in an audacious, bold and brazen attempt to rip-off NIB.

UNBELIEVEABLE! And we at BP still await the day when the unapproved Bounces will be return back to the public!

As if that wasn’t enough, recently when the question of Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar [$650,000] paid by the Bahamas Government for a Caribbean Muzik Festival Committee arose, we uncovered that Mr. Sears was at the center of the scandal. To this day, the money has yet to be paid back into the coffers of the Treasury of the Bahamas and the promised event has no date yet to be announced! How WICKED! Neither Mr. Sears nor the partners have yet to come clean on the matter, and we, Joe Public, continue to patiently wait for someone to break the silence on this outstanding issue. What a RIP-OFF!

And if that was not enough, we now have an investigation underway at the College of the Bahamas where Mr. Sears served as College Board Chairman. An employee within the accounts department was found to have stolen over Eight HUNDRED THOUSAND [$800,000] dollars from the institution, and, while the theft was found while Mr. Sears served at COB, we understand the robbery was caught by honest officials at the Bank of the Bahamas – NOT COB!

And surprisingly, just days after the revelations broke, the former MP resigned as College Board Chairman. We in this article are not suggesting in any way that he is guilty or involved in the fleecing of COB, but one must ask: How is it the most senior man at the top watched all that money vanish at the tertiary institution and to this day we have yet to hear one comment on the matter from him? This song is getting too familiar!

Before Mr. Sears can even discuss his bid for Leader of the PLP, we at Bahamas Press await his explanations on the recent developments outlined above.

Perhaps it can be said that Mr. Sears will prove that the PLP does have some level of democracy within its walls after failing to have a national convention for over seven years. And perhaps a challenge against Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie will only prove that point.

We will say this though, Da CDR [Christie, Davis and Roberts] was supported by this page back in 2009, and we assure Mr. Sears that if you touch one a dem, ya touch BP.

We report yinner decide!

Editorial Note: Bahamas Press also endorsed Dr. Hubert Minnis for Leader – ROC WIT DOC!


  1. You seem to be as inept with your agenda, as the duplicitous individuals (Da CDR) you backed in 2009! It’s unbelievable, but this country is littered with idiots, posing as intellectuals; to hear YOU or anyone that supports such people, then talk about corruption is incredulous.

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