Who are the Cronies the Pillsbury Doughboy took to Carifta?

Charles Maynard ministry under investigaton by BP for more 'SMUDGY' behaviour.

Montego Bay, Jamaica — We have been provided with a list of persons who travelled to Jamaica and Barbados with the Pillsbury Doughboy to the Carifta. We call on Officials to be accountable to the Bahamian People and explain why some of these people were allowed to travel at the Public expense, when they have no reason to be on the trip.
A source when shown the names of the persons pointed out to us that the names included the Secretary of the Doughboy and his driver. Wow what is this?

The Source also pointed out a few other names of persons who hang out with the Pillsbury Doughboy at the flea riddled, bed bug and rat infested roach motel and brothel located Carmichael Road, where we know the Doughboy moonlights as the weekend Duty Manager and Bartender.
This is not the time for Officials to take cronies and ‘jezbels’ on junkets at the taxpayer’s expense while Government employees cannot get  raises or promotions; at a time when the lines at Social Services are endless and people are fighting for food!
We call on Papa’s sister in law and the only person to be promoted in the Government recently to answer the following questions for us the paying Public, in fact, we demand answers.
Are you the PS at the Min of Youth Sports and Culture?
– How long have you held the substantive post?
– Who authorized the list of persons to travel to Carifta?
– Please provide the public with the names of the persons and their positions and if not why not?
– Who all travelled to Barbados and who went to Jamaica?
We also would like an answer to questions posed to your Ministry in the past. We repeat them again.
How many Consultants are engaged by your Ministry?

– What are the names?
– What are their terms of Reference?
– What are they paid?
– When was the last time any of them were in the office?
– Was it this year, last year or never?
We will wait a few days before we drop the rest. We are just sick and tired of this inept, uncaring wutless government that only take care of Friends, Family and Lovers.


  1. all we have to say is “it een long now” cause yall can’t even imagine what all is going on in that ministry….if the PS was told by one of her SAS or another junior staff (the afternoon news mungle crew who both just got “an in-house” promotion by her for carryin news),anything about you you’re DEAD…if you open your mouth in that ministry you’re DEAD… listen here if she believes you’re a PLP you’re dead. Yall don’t know how many persons the PS have already victimised since she arrived in June 2010. But, “IT EEN LONG NOW”…..

    And the Minister of this ministry BEEN getting away with foolish from he became minister. Number one he does not speak to staff, at least not to the ones his SEXATARY tells him not to speak to. He does walk around that ministry and every time he is seen by the elevator or the corridors he would be on his BlackBerry just so he wouldn’t have to speak to you. And his SEXATARY and driver always travelling with him man, where yall live. They go on every trip with the man. He needs his driver to travel along with him to be on “THE LOOK OUT”. When he travels with the minister he is no longer the driver he is the watchman, he have to see if the wife or another one of Pillsbury’s sweetie is coming. What yall talkin bout cause the “driver” has a car (red plate) for himself that NO one else in the ministry can touch even if he is off the island that car stays park at his house. But what can we say other than “IT EEN LONG NOW”…Papa PLEASE HELP US, cause Ministryof Youth, Sports and Culture needs you to intervine, you gave your sister-in-law toooo much in such a short time, and she CANNOT handle it.

  2. these persons already enjoy trips before at expense of the public purse while we can not get increments and promotions.

    • these persons should be made to refund the payments to the ministry from there salary every month

  3. look PLP or FNM i don’t care! this is a serious matter. Every time this politicians travel on behalf of the gov’t or any of the gov’t officials travel, they use our money! they have people traveling with them who don’t need to! thats unnecessary money being sent…and dis aint no hear say these are facts! i’ve been in gov’t for years and i know this! and when we complain and question those in authority we are victimize for it! AND KEEP IT REAL…IT AINT JUST FNMs its the PLPs too…they all do the same things! and its worst now because the economy is worst…we dont have money to waste…too many Bahamians are suffering….WE WANT ANSWERS P.S.!

  4. BP is so true this stuff have been going on for far tooo long. Maynard takes his driver and secretary on every trip he goes on whether it is international or right on our Family Islands, that he goes to every week. Now he is gettin ready to take them all to EXUMA REGATTA and I can’t even get a promotion. Papa needs to look into this because he sent his sister-in-law (now promoted to PS since October of last year) to clean up the mess in that Ministry but that ain working because she only moving bodies around and sending them to the Department of Pubic Service and sitting in her office after 5:00pm with her “gossip crew” eating Bamboo Shack and wine. Absolutely NOTHING is going on in that ministry and with the PM sister-in-law going there it made it worst. Talkin bout CARIFTA the Minister’s Secretary put the names of the persons atteding on the list and this included all of her “drinking crew” in the ministry and a few of her family members. They all went to BARBADOS for fun and frolic.

  5. we dont need to be so petty as bahamians we all like a little slackness but most politicians mainly check for family lovers and friends who wouldn’t he’ll be fooled if he dont.

  6. I think they need to change the name from secretary to SEXATARY, it is happening throughout the entire public service,totally disgusting how people abuse their power at the tax payers expense.

  7. I have a question – what do we Bahamians consider “Professional” behavior? Better yet, how do we show respect to our fellow country men/women? Is it even relevant or does it even have value any more?

    I am so sick of reading or hearing stuff in the press that totally disrespects the heads of this country. If we are such an educated society why don’t we use better choice words to accost the heads of this country? Actually that is what your MP’s are for right?

    Do you realize that the same bitter sentiments are the same attitudes exercised in bigotry (racism)? We cut each other down because of political views? How trivial is that? I don’t care what party is in office; if our attitudes towards leadership and authority does not change – the country will never change. In fact, it will continue on a downwards slope.

    What about the future generation – look at what we are teaching them. So you know how bigots become bigots right? They are taught that – it is not something you are born with. For the sake our children we need to go BACK to a time where social mores trumped boisterousness; where being respectful was cool; having class did not mean how much money you have in the bank!

    If you have a problem with what your Government is doing – show your disapproval on election day. This is why you were granted the right to vote. You don’t have to talk about it – just be about it.

    This is what you call “back fire”… See we (Bahamians) have this thing with helping each other to get “straighten out” ya know. Now watch this – here is where the back fire comes in. So I am the Manager of XYZ company and my cousin’s husband can’t find a job so I look out for him and hire him based on some stripped down job requirements and totally dismissing the highly qualified candidate who I really didn’t care nor want to know.

    Now you tell me how you expect to get him to perform at 100% when you never hired him at 100% proficiency to do the job? You’re also expecting everyone else to do work at 100% but they seeing your “peeps” getting preferential treatment. So now they stop respecting you as a boss because you have clearly demonstrated that you put your professional standards down so you can take care of your own. As a result they still have to make up for your peeps slack but they ain’t getting no additional pay for that.

    Now to make matters worst this “friend of the family” also has a little grudge against you now because they don’t know how you ever got to be a boss in the first place. So guess what happens next? Who do you think is calling the “Dutty” media and putting out your private company dealings? I will let you figure that one out!

    We don’t seem to learn from our mistakes, yet we keep saying we need change; we need better leaders; we need more money; we need to get rid of the foreigners… How about we first change our attitudes and show a little more candor and respect towards each other? Then maybe someone can take us seriously?

  8. I do not no why some people are so rude the gentlemen’s name is, Minister Charles Maynard address him as that Okk have respect sir, have a nice day.

      • This “Ingrid” sounds very familiar. If she is who I think she is, she is, has always been, and forever will be an FNM. If you put a goat to run for the FNM in her constituency, she’ll vote for that goat! So if you diss any of the FNM politicians she will be offended.

        I can’t stand ppl like you Ingrid who only vote FNM or only vote PLP! The FNM can burn down your mother’s house and I’m sure you’ll say “Papa did it all for the best!”

  9. This is nothing new that is happening in The Bahamas, this type of action has long been the order of the day when it come to the public’s purse, it does not matter which party is governing at the time.We are looking forward for this to come to an end very soon and hopefully the next governing party will be accountable and true to the Bahamian people who continue to put their trust in them

  10. Come on, drop the name calling. You have made it clear that this is a PLP website so please don’t let the people see how petty you are.

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