Who is paying the legal fees for Deepak Bhatnagar?

Deepak Bhatnagar

Nassau, Bahamas — We here at Bahamas Press want to know who is paying the legal fees of Deepak Bhatnagar, the financial advisor to the Board at the Airport Authority.

He was charged with assaulting an employee of The Airport Authority. Bhatnagar was served with a criminal summons on July 5th, 2012 ordering him to appear before a magistrate to answer to a charge of assault.

We ask this question as we saw a senior manager of the Airport Authority,  in attendance of the matter and the fact that Bhatnagar was represented by the Law firm of Cash Fountain and Co.

We are advised that the firm of Cash Fountain are the Attorneys for the Airport Authority.

Who is paying his fees?

We want the Chairman or the Minister to answer the public.

Deepak  Bahtnagar was once referred to as “a nasty little  Indian man” by Vangy Ford when giving testimony at the Commission of Inquiry into matters related to the Hotel Corporation.

Deepak Bhatnagar came to the Bahamas in early 1980 as an accountant at the NIB Board.

He has always in our view had a nasty streak in him. He ingratiated himself with Pindling and successive governments. He now, we are told has citizenship.

We say here and now, if the Airport Authority is paying his legal fees it should cease and desist. He cannot continue to be a leech on the taxpayers of this Country. The young lady that he was alleged to have slapped over a parking space has rights too. And she is a Bahamian!

It is time for this “nasty little Indian man” to go.

We report yinner decide!


  1. this man needs to go, he has enjoyed all the rights and benefitgs having worked in government, his wife has top position in Bahamasair, his daughter was given a full scholarship and i believe is working for Tourism. Whilst born bahamians have it hard, he continues to live and live well . Somethings just dont change

  2. Too many of these nasty racists East Indians in this country who are the greatest racists against black people they do not integrate with Bahamaian just rape this beautiful country Marques is one such person who was a judge on the bench WHO desPISED DARK-SKINNED BAHAMIAN PEOPLE. BUT HE AND FAMILY STILL HERE ENJOYING EVERY DAMN THING BAH. LAWYERS CAN’T ENJOY. MARQUES AS AN ECONOMIC refugee not giving back anything or integrating with BAHAMIAN PEOPLE. Ship them out now—-their are POISONOUS TO OUR DEVEOLPMENT AS A PEOPLE AND COUNTRY. WE have got to stop this bullshit they COULD NEVER BE AS GOOD HUMANS AS BAHAMINS—SEND THEIR ASSSES AWAY. PLP IS responsible for that.

  3. Why isn’t the airport authority representing the woman seeing that she is an employee of the airport authority as well? B******* in it’s truest form is what i call it! Foreigners have more rights than the working Bahamian citizen…..SAD

  4. Why isn’t the airport authority representing the girl that was slapped seeing that she is an employee of the airport authority as well? B******* in it’s truest form is what i call it! Foreigner with more rights and privileges than working Bahamians…..SAD!

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