Why is the Minister for Education being asked to explain something which occurred inside a home?


File photo of crime on a Yellow Elder street.
File photo of crime on a Yellow Elder street.

Dear Editor,

This week I watched Our News, the Cable Bahamas news channel, where an interview occurred following that wicked abuse of a young woman as she was being dragged across the bathroom floor. No human should be allowed to suffer such abuse and the public had every right to be outraged by it.

I want to congratulate Magistrate Carol Vogt-Evans, whose comments and stiff reprimand represented the fury of every Bahamian. What is happening inside the homes where parents appear to be absent is just incredible. Who was in charge of that house in Yellow Elder?

And what kind of friend would allow such abuse to occur to her “FRIEND” is another question that should be looked into by the Magistrate.

What I am appalled by, though, was the interview that followed on the newscast where a reporter decided to call up the Minister of Education to find out what he is going to do about this incident?

The victim was not a student. She was 19. The second suspect who circulated the material is 18. He is out of school. This unfolded in a house in Yellow Elder. How did the Minister for Education got into the picture? This is a parental issue, isn’t it? This is a community problem, which shows the decay in parenting in this country! How about interviewing the neighbours or the parents? This didn’t happen on any campus so why is the Minister at the microphone for questions?

When are we going to hold parents accountable for the problems in this town? Stop giving them a pass while blaming the politicians for what are clearly parental failures!

Our News – you just confirmed yinner really ain’t gat it!


Esther Capron

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