Why were officers of the Immigration Department not present at the Mackey Yard Meeting Last night?


Brensil Rolle seeks to regularize Bahamians?

Nassau, Bahamas — Chaos and pandemonium broke out at the Bible Truth Ministries last night where FNM MPs and goons of the Prime Minister, met with former Haitian squatters of the Mackey Yard community.

Now get this, the government of the FNM is seeking to build homes in the area on land own by the people of the Bahamas. The FNM has concluded that it will offer to the Haitian-Bahamians, who were former residents at the site title to land if they qualified.

Brensil Rolle MP for the area noted his government is seeking to “Regularize Bahamians”, but how can such a thing be done?

The meeting started on time but police were called in to escort a Bahamian out of the room. Officers were alleged to have been called by known political hack, Peter Carey. Carey you should note is not an employee of the Housing Department nor is he an organizer of the event. So by what authority did he come?

Chaos erupted when a white American married to a Bahamian woman began to lecture Kenneth Russell on the direction the FNM government is taking country. He chided members of the Haitian community concluding what the government was doing was unconscionable.

He told Minister Russell, “When I turn on my electrical switch, BEC meter is running, and I have to pay for it. When persons in the Haitian villages turn on their switch, I am still paying for it. Something must be wrong with that!”

Minister for Housing Kenneth Russell makes way to build homes for Haitian Squatters.

The statement drew outbursts of loud talk from some of the Mackey Yard residents.

Another Bahamian lady attending the event told BP, “For the life of me it took me 10 years to get my home in the area. I had to pay some $70,000 for the land. How is it foreigners, some who just reach, and get worked through the system by this government; get documented and land at the same time months before an election? This cannot be right and the FNM government need to pack their bags and go!” she said in anger.
Additionally more than 10,000 Bahamians are on the waiting list for assignment of homes from the Housing Department, yet the Government has turned a blind eye to them and is in Mackey Yard!
Some 50 Haitian national and former residents in the Mackey Yard showed up at the announced meeting. Some were unable to express their thoughts clearly in English.

A file photo of a haitian town meeting. PEOPLE, this is NOT the photo from last nights meeting!

Bahamas Press wonders how it is officers of the immigration department were not in attendance at the meeting? We believe they should have been present to discover who had legal status and who didn’t and who should have been deported on the spot. Jack Thompson and his band of work permit approvers never showed up to the meeting. We believe this is part of the deception to give status and rights to foreigners in our Bahamaland!

We call on Civil Servants to do your jobs without fear or favours, because Papa soon GO!

Former Editor of the Nassau Guardian also weighed in on the situation on Facebook.

Brown wrote:

I am not xenophobic, but if it is true that this whole Mackey Yard situation is being used by the FNM Government to win Haitian votes, this is disgraceful.

I have always advocated that the Bahamas government should take definite steps to legally control the influx of Haitians into this country by introducing a system similar to “The Contract” arrangement farmers in the United States had with The Bahamas in the 1950s and 1960s. Under this agreement, farm workers were recruited from The Bahamas for a specified period of time to harvest crop, and after their “contracted” period expired, they were returned to The Bahamas.

Jack Thompson alongside Minister Brent Symonette. How is it not one immigration officer attended last night's meeting? Plenty Talk NO ACTION!

To “reward” Haitians who originally came to this country illegally in the manner the FNM government is proposing to do is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated by any Bahamian, no matter what side of the political divide he or she is on.

However, it is quite clear that Ingraham and the FNM recognize that they will be tossed out of office in the next election and they are using all sorts of devious means to try and prevent that from happening, including the widespread habit over the past several months of swearing in groups “new” Bahamians every week. What I still don’t understand is why the mainstream media have not reported on this disgraceful practice.


  1. Actually Sammy,
    They said it started with Africans,in other words, the black man. They also said,that we are more prune to violence. That we are incapable of governing ourselves. That if we are left to our own devices that it inevitable leads anarchy and chaos. If you ever lived in America you will know that there are no distinction between Bahamian,Jamaican are Haitians. We are all regarded as Africans.I am desperate to see all people of color succeed because a successful Bahamas has not change their opinion of the black man. One of the goals of the a slave master was to create a constant division among the slaves. They did this by indoctrinating the slaves to think that they were better than the next. Don’t buy the illusion, if three sisters were separated during the middle passage, one was drop off in Jamaica, the other in Haiti and yet still the other in The Bahamas are they not still sisters. When you criticize a Haitian you are only criticizing yourself.It is not wise to call your sister ugly if both of you are twins. A word to the wise is sufficient.

  2. Eddie, I came up with a solution, since the average haitian has $4,000.00 take that money & GO BACK HOME WHERE YOU CAME FROM & HELP BUILD UP YA NASTY COUNTRY, if any haitian think that there smarter there any Bahamian just took a look at yall country and I mean before the earth quake.Do you know what you can do with $4000.00 in haiti a whole lot. If you ask anybody in the health ministry the speard of Aids didnt start with the “GUYS” in our country it started with the haitian. Between the murders & the spead of Aids these haitian of our lovely Bahamas destoyed.I am so proud to be a Bahamian my blood line dont read Garlic.

    • Well, you know they will say they is Bahamians who do it. Just like how they say the property in Mackey Yard for Bahamians, Well, that’s what they is call them after they done regularize them. Everybody is Bahamian now.

  3. Brensil Rolle and others believe we are stupid he come on TV and Say that The land is not being giving to Haitians it is being given to Bahamian citizens and “Bahamian Residents”. Clearly he simple paraphrased the term Permanent residents, which are predominantly Haitian. What the hell are Bahamian Residents. They have no respect for Bahamians they believe all of us fail our BGCSE English.

    @ Eddie and Truth Life is not Fair. Christian or not if you cook for the enough for the five people in your house are you going to let 10 Haitians come and eat all your children food? NO you will tell them you do not have enough. Look elsewhere.

    So why in the world do you expect our economy that is supported by 300,000 taxpayers to provide for however much Haitians choose to come here and not get caught. It matters not how long they been here and who allowed it and where they born. Either you born here before 1973 or your parents were end of story.

    Illegal Haitians can not bank and most documented Haitians do not bank in fact their Money stays in the illegal villages you Village Idiots insist on letting them keep.

  4. The Haitians are able to save more because their standard of living are far different than that of Bahamians. Haitians drain our health care, schools, social services and take advantage. They build shanty houses on government property and never pay rent. They dont mind 15 people living in a one bedroom place. The steal light from BEC and their homes rarely have running water. The bottom line, if a Haitian makes $200 a week as a handy man, he does not have to spend a dime!! He can save up all his money and eventually open a $20 shop. Bahamians however pay rent, mortgages, school fees, light, water, and everything to live at a standard that is decent in the 21st century. The things Haitians are allowed to get away with here, Bahamians could never get away with in Haiti. I have literally heard Haitians call Bahamians stupid.

    • How did BEC pole #44 got in the middle of Mackey Yard to supply electricity to the SHANTY TOWN? Bahamas Press had asked the question since December 2010. We have yet to get an answer from any official.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Truth, you raised some good points. I agree, sending all of them home is not the answer.

    We can’t however, overlook the strain that these people put on the economic structure (or lack there of) of this country. It’s not like we have some elaborate tax system with which to generate some revenues by regularizing these people. Given the current state of affairs, any income realized by getting these people straight will be negligible.

    They don’t keep money in the bank – and for that matter, send most of it out of the country.

    How about the immigration dept come up with a several categorizations for illegal immigrants. If you’ve been here less than “A” years (and you have to prove it somehow; be creative), then you have to go home. between “B” and “C” years, pay the government X dollars every year to offset what you send home (because we know it’s going home) and so on.

    Some kind of aggressive position needs to be taken to DISCOURAGE or at least throttle illegal immigration. What the government is doing, is doing the opposite.

  6. Hey people, The best we can do is find a way to integrate the ones here and stop others from coming. It cost too much to send 40,000 people back. In addition, Haitians are good savers. The average Haitian have about $4000 in the bank compared to the average Bahamain who has a negative saving. That equates to about $160,000,000. Pull that amount out of our economy and suddenly you have some other problems. By the way Hitler considered all of this when he came up with the final solution. The same sentiments you are expressing now are the same ones express then. If you ever wonder how a person can be so evil to kill six million, you have taken the first step. Look on the bright side though , if the rapture happens tomorrow your immigration problem will be solve.

  7. I am really shocked at many of the comments in the responses to this story. Where are the “Christian Principles” that so many have referred to when it comes to the gay rights issue? I guess we are only Christian when it is convenient and apply it very selectively.

    Nobody agrees that people should be allowed or encouraged to break the laws of the Bahamas. Having said that, there are always exceptions and adjustments that have to be made in certain circumstances. In all the ranting in these responses I read very carefully looking for solutions and I haven’t found any. What should the government do with a mass of persons living in sub-standard conditions? Just leave them as they are and pretend they do not exist, as we have been doing for too long. Well that option solves nothing and later these same people will blame the government for allowing the Mackey Yard and other shanty towns to grow larger and larger. Many of the people (Haitians) living in these areas are illegal because they came here illegally. Because we have allowed them to remain here for 20, 30, 40 years, it is not practical to return them to Haiti. So what do we do? They have had children born here who are now adults and have no passport or proper documentation to function in our society like the rest of us. These children only know the Bahamas. Are we saying to send them to Haiti?

    The government is seeking to address the situation and yes, it will essentially be giving these group of people certain benefits that the rest of us will not be able to get (land at concessionary prices) but what is the alternative? Let’s hear the plan by the PLP and the DNA. All I hear is questions to play on the emotions of Bahamians to this issue. DNA, what is your plan for the shanty towns? PLP, what is your plan for the shanty towns?

    We have all contributed to this problem and it is most unfair to now put the blame solely at the feet of the government. We have hired them to clean our yards. Did we ask for a work permit? We hired them to work on our farms. Did we ask for their work permits? We hired them to work as construction workers. Did we ask for their work permits? We all encouraged them to continue to come because they worked for less than the Bahamian would and we used them as slaves. Because of the low wages we paid them, we have forced them to live and survive through an underground system. We must address the issue and bring these people into the mainstream society otherwise there will be two societies and cultures when there should be only one.

    Going forward we must stop more of them for getting into our country illegally and detect and return those that do.

  8. Mr russell and MR Rolle make me feel like am dumb and i know i’m not , no one belive that you’re givivg away the land but with the cost of land know it’s a give away price .do the same for bahamains born here. do not reward PEOPLE that came into our bahama land in the death of night and was able to hide for years the right to land .IT CANNOT BE RIGHT, my son ask me ‘mom if they buy the land what type of house could the afford to build if they use all there saving’ ..would they build more hut’s? ……(mr russell or mr rolle never said all they know is the P.L.P did it)and my son also want’s to know if they are going to make them pay up there national insurance for the years they say they were here (mr russell know mr rolle would say all they know is the P.L.P did it ). FELLOW BAHAMIAN LET’S STOP REVEIW AND CANCEL THE F.N.M CONTRACT AND NOT ALLOW THEM OR AND SIDE SHOW OF THEM TO EVER DO THIS TO US AGAIN.

  9. Some jackazzes may say that Bahamians have an elitist mentality, and/ or an entitled mentality but we f….kin buss our *** to have that mindset.

    Leaders like LOP, Clarence Bain, the Symonettes, the Whitfields clawed scrapped and fought to get this country to the point where we are the CROWN JEWEL of the Caribbean. So don’t hate, just appreciate.

    Lets be real, Haiti have more resources than us, but for some reason they stuck in f…kin neutral. When you encourage a bunch of ppl who stuck in neutral to migrate into your shores, you eventually become stuck as well. We helping them they aint helping us.

    I thought Brensell had mor sense than to get use like this. He mite as well ask KB to sub him for one of them donkeys in his new vid.

    Gaddam, thats all I can say.

  10. There 8 million Haitians living in Haiti. The vast majority of them can not read and write any language. If 10% of them come here. We will be out numbered by almost 3 to 1. Bahamians will become the new Arawaks. This is 2011 I am proud to be Bahamian I am glad Columbus discovered San Salvador, but are the Arawaks happy about it?

  11. Someone answer me please………….

    If one of their parent is Bahamian and the other is Haitian what does that make them??? If we don’t start now to fix this serious immigration situation we are currently in…..then when will we??

    I read in disgust how Bahamians are so privileged and entitled. No wonder other Caribbean islands view us they way they do.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the Bahamas and I am a very proud Bahamian. But there comes a point when we have to take responsibility for our country and stop blaming Mr. Police Man and or Mr. Politician.

    I read with a heightened sense of alarm and concern everyday the instances of crime and I am baffled how were are quick to point blame. Please tell me….why are we waiting for RED, YELLOW, or GREEN to deliver us? I hope and pray that we wake up before all of our privileges are taken away before we realize what we really have.

    Look in he mirror Bahamians and do your part to restore our country……. peacefully and civilized. We are leaders in the Caribbean. We just need to start acting like it.

  12. Eddie stop your sh*t, if I know those Haitians the way I know them they were fighting for themselves. If you feel like you owe them something, well then, you give them what you have. As far as I am concerned the Bahamian people have bended over backwards, front wards and side wards to accommodate them, so don’t talk crap, tell that sh*t to somebody who cares. Not because we are a kind set of people and we realize the Haitian peopl been through a lot especially with the earthquake, that doesn’t mean we must sit back and allow this wicked government to give them our land, when we have people right here suffering just as much as them or even more in some cases. Ingraham them too wicked, man! He know if you leave it up to the real Bahamians who have a genuine interest and appreciation for this country to decide whether the FNM should stay or go, he know we will send their azzez packing in a hurry without even thinking about it. That’s why he doing this, I am not blaming the Haitians for taking advantage of the situation, if I were in their shoes I would probably do the same thing. I blame this wicked government who are making these wicked decisions at our expense and who is willing to do anything in order to stay in power. Ingraham know what they doing is wicked, that’s why you see, he gone on the cruise and leave that Jackazz Brensil Rolle and those other azzes to do the dirty work. He right there hoping this would have already been blown over by time he gets back. Those Bahamians who applied for homes longtime and can‘t get it, need come together in a group and protest outside Sir Lynden Pindling Airport when they hear he coming back. Yeah, they need to greet his azz at the airport with this.

  13. This government can’t be serious. I had my name on a list at the department of housing for over 7 years and no one ever called or gave me any hope that I would ever get a low cost home. I have many friends that pay rent and are struggling to make ends meet … how is it that the goverment is giving Haitians opportunities that Bahamians cant get. Something is very wrong with this picture and we have to vote this man out, because clearly he does not have the best interest of the Bahamas and Bahamians in his head. Even a hard core FNM have to admit that this is wrong. DO NOT vote for the party, vote for the people who are looking out for us. We have to remember we have kids and as adults have to make decision that will have a great impact on their future. Be WISE Bahamaians!!

  14. am i the only only who finds sammy’s response to eddie, comedy gold?

    seriously eddie, we get that they blazed the trail but if you’re trying to suggest that we owe them something, that’s straight horse-shit.

    everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect – it doesn’t mean giving we have to cripple the country trying to buy votes. it’s absurd.

  15. this FNM going after sure votes” why help the people who sleeping in cars knowing they may vote PLP or DNA the hatains will vote for who ever get them straight so the FNM given them passport and land for they votes this is so corrupt when we as bahamians will march to his house and stop this stupidness the people we put in power looking after the foreigners now i see why pindling wanted christie to lead us he knew ing-rum was a devil from hell. i told y’all ing-rum will bring y’all to ya knees .

  16. No Bahamian can go to Haiti, the US or anywhere else -break the laws of the land for years, be granted citizenship one day and be given land papers the next. That is what is happening here and this is NOT about PLP or FNM. This is about the Bahamas and what is right and what is wrong. FOr the amount of Bahamians who are suffering and are without homes, jobs and far, far, far away from even the hope of land ownership in this country. If ever there was a time to stand up for ourselves, it is now. It doesn’t take a flippin’ rocket scientist to know how at the time of the fire, there were 5 Bahamians living in Mackey Yard but yesterday, Mr. Rolle claims there were hundreds. Blind Blake could see that those who weren’t Bahamians then are miraculously now passport and voter card carrying ‘Bahamians’ today. They’re spitting in our faces and telling us it’s raining. Cleary, they are intent on provoking this population to confrontation. This is the issue that will do it. Bahamians across the street owe the bank almost 200,000 for their homes and they want to give land to Haitians they gave papers to for a fraction of that. If the people in that area let that happen – it’s over….



  19. It’s amazing the ignorance that exist amoung you negroes. The propaganda that was spread during the Haitian revolution is still been repeated by you today. Because they fought for their freedom, that they are a different breed of people from you . The Bahamains are peaceful and the Haitians are bold and bossy. Think about this, if you had someone to do all your laundry,look after your children, cook and do whatever else you need them to do, what in the world will compel you to set them free. Brothers you were not freed because of some abolitionist in England. We were freed because of the fear of what took place in Haiti could happen any where. Our Freedom was fought for by those same blacks folks that you so willingly despised. They told the world that this group of people you label as cattle have the very same desires they had. They told the world that the “negro will not be enslaved”.Your Freedom was paid for with Haitian blood. I am not saying to allow them to run over your country but to treat them with respect and dignity. We owe them more than they owe us.

    • @ eddie the usa owe them not us, and even if we did don’t you think it was paid in full.. because we are over flowing with haitians..why don’t the usa treat them like the cubans..wet foot dry foot, they owe them big time ..and where the hell you from ..

  20. I heard ortland bodie ask mr brensil rolle for a copy of mackey yard plot plan ,i hope he gets it that track of land does not belong to the goverment yet if so ask housing to produce documentation. the nonsence spoken by brensil rolle was pan by a senior housing staff who i spoke with on wednesday

  21. Prime Minister Ingraham’s only concern is the maintenance of his power. The FNM is only the vehicle to secure his power.

    He is disloyal to the Bahamas, and has always been. He has sold us out to the Haitians by trading citizenship for FNM votes (about forty per month). He has sold us out to the British by giving away BTC to them. He has sold us out to the Chinese by spending $70 million on a stupid highway from the airport, and employing their citizens, not ours. When will he focus on us? Why should he? We accept whatever he shovels.

    Ingraham is amoral, and a complete traitor. But you know what? We are too stupid….we did it to ourselves. He belittles our judiciary although he has appointed most of them.

    He is a US spy!! We know this but we still excuse his espionage against us for the Americans. What crushes me is that we whimper about crime and consequences, but turn a blind eye to Ingraham’s treason.

    Bretheren we have already given away our country by allowing Ingraham to do it on our behalf. He is brutal, devious, and, in my view, completely corrupt. We were rid of him..we brought him back! Like the battered spouse who falls back into the arms of the dominant abuser we like getting bruised. He is likes to alternately berate us, and let loose those hyena-like cackles whenever he sticks it to us, while that ancient witch of the east: Eileen Carron of the Tribune cheers him on and calls us “monkeys”.

    Can we get our country back? I doubt it because we gave it away so easily ( we are still sleeping man). We “ain change yet” We need more “blows” from Ingraham first.

  22. BP HOT NEWS HOT NEWS MEWS the FNM headquaters on mackey street is on fire in the back of the building as I type get someone out here now

  23. people sleeping in cars in ground bahama no where to live and this man call ing-rum given land to hatains my goodness bahamas y’all had someone who cares but y’all though the grass was greener now we all see the wolf in sheep clothes more blood about to shed even doe it should be ing-rum own.



    • Madashell I stop the marching foolishness. We did that and they call us criminals and still sell BTC back to the British! So there is a better plan for them this time…



  25. To Kevin Evans, i cures your speaking that a Haitian will be our future Prime Minister, cause my son right here waiting for the job. Don’t you dare speak this curse on our beautiful Bahamaland. Mr Rolle and Mr. Russell please stop your madness or we will vote you’ll out in the next elections, please can you let us Bahamians know where we can go to put our names down for a piece or free land in Mackey Yard, espcially how Frankie done know down some of our houses which the Government did not even bother to help us buy back again. I with LOL I’ll go down to Housing tomorrow and put my name down for a lot in Mackey yard.

  26. Kevin Evans yo pa gen oblije rete isit la paske yo gen yon Nasyonal rele Ayiti.
    Mwen prevwa premye el prezidan an ki Bahamas nan kat eleksyon jeneral, ki gen ladan Eleksyon yo 2012.

  27. MR. KEVIN EVANS you said that we must treat them with respect, they dont have any respect 4 us or our country. When they had there haitian independence last year they burned our Bahamian flag, and check out most of the murders happening now they are haitian /Bahamaian or are of haitian decent and this is facts so please dont do it ok.

  28. I am not some Haitian hater and the last time I checked I still consider myself to be a reasonable behaving, acting individual, so all I am asking this FNM cabinet is to please explain to me why they have taken such a closeness to the 100,000 Haitians scattered throughout our Bahamaland, and at the expense of their own Bahamian brothers and sisters?
    Please, because I really am trying to better understand this entire FNM cabinet’s Haitian thing better, I need to know what is your thinking on this Haitian thing that has me so darn confessed that I simple cannot see the political logic for the good of your party in it all?

    • I taught everyone understand what is going on, Papa intend to hand over this Bahamas to his people, the hatian community. And not one damm Bahamian has come to understand what is going on.

  29. What kind of conspiracy is that? Talk about immigration raids to secretly regularize these illegals,and give away Bahamian birthright.Well let it be known that the Bahamian ain’t giving away a morsel of land to Haitian poverty for the choices or the best land in Haiti,their government willing to offer.Additionally 2000 votes could determent the outcome of an ELECTION.Ingraham:please call the General Elections.

  30. These Haitian/Bahamians are here to stay.They are not going any where. I believe this country will have its first Haitian prime minister within 20 to 30 years.This will happen,whether we like it or not.Many of them who have been naturalized will support the FNM.But in all fairness,though,what do you do with thousands of Haitian children who were born here? We must accept the fact that they are now a part of this country.We must also help to integrate them into our society.Additionally,let us bear in mind that Bahamians have got to treat these people with dignity and respect.

    • Kevin, these son of a b*tc*es maybe selling out our birth right from under us, but that don’t means we have to respect person who have broken our laws and enter our country illegally. Respect is something that you earn.

      • Dam right. They are here illegally, why the HELL should i respect someone who don’t give a rats a** about MY country and its laws?

    • Kevin you too damm smart to be talking a bunch of sh….t. Bahamians are smart people who are very proud of their heritage and I would have taught so are the hatian people. The Bahamas is for Bahamians and Haiti is for Hatians. You are what ya paa is. Ship those suckers back to thge country where their father and mother is from. Give pur children a chance in their country. Younf Bahamians will not accept what we are accepting.

  31. My God what have we come too? i hope we dont come to the point of becoming vigilantees, but it looks like thats what we’ll have to do in order to win back our Bahamas!

  32. Some of these Haitians are some boldest and bossiest set of people on the planet, I believe that’s why Hubert admires them so much. When Bahamians finally wake up and decide to fight for this country, It’s going to be hard for them to take it back. You give these Haitians an inch, they will take a mile. You don’t mind them being here, if they intend to abide by your laws and respect our country, but they have this dominating kind of spirit and they believe they should take where every they go. They are the kind of people who would put you out of your own country and turn around and call you a Jackazz for allowing them to do it.

    • Stand in line at the Scotiabank ATM in Abaco and watch the Haitians walk past you and elbow their way ahead of everyone. That’ll give you an idea what you can expect in the future.
      Oh… And multiply that citizenship giveaway by ten for Abaco and Grand Bahama.

    • BIGGAMON50 when an American gat a sit in that meeting last night and speak for Bahamians cause they threw out the Bahamians the meeting ya know it bad. For the first time I will say this don’t look good!


  33. All the residents in the area who have to pay rent and mortgage need to pack up their children and march to the Prime Minister’s office so they can get land also. If they take this, it’s over. They won’t be able to do anything in their own neighborhoods. Where are all those people who built on land the government has said is owned by Arawak Homes? They need to march themselves to get a piece of the rock. Where are all the single struggling Bahamian women with children who can’t afford to do better – they need to march themselves down and get a piece of property. Personally, I already called to enquire and they told me to put my name down at Housing. We need to go there by the thousands. Put up posters around the neighborhood so Bahamians know free land for foreigners if they – the Bahamians don’t apply. Brensil Rolle and Ingraham are about to start a riot on up in here!

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