Will Branville ABANDON his DNA and return to FNM?

The Great Return to the Free National Movement projected.

Nassau, Bahamas — Information now into Bahamas Press strikes at the centre of the newly formed Democratic National Alliance Party better known as the DNA.

The organization headed by former FNM Cabinet Minister, Branville McCartney, is under review by the FNM and has become a major game changer for the Party.

Weeks before McCartney revealed his intentions, Bahamas Press was deep in the know! We told you Branville shall resign from the FNM Cabinet, and then again, we reported his intentions to leave the FNM and organize own political pet.

When we reported his breakaway from the FNM we announced that several FNM MPs were headed to do join him. The men later changed their mind and stayed with PAPA.

Some political observers were seen on TV last week, jumping around as if it was the first time they heard about the DNA and acted as if BP said not a damn word about the new Party. However, this morning we have the intel and the information is huge.

Bahamas Press can confirm, operatives deep inside the DNA have entered talks with Free National Movement Party leader Hubert Alexander Ingraham.

Sources in the position to know tell us, Sir Duward Knowles have begun talks between both factions in order to jab a deal and return Branville as a possible successor to the FNM throne.

BP can confirm the deal is to return Branville into the Ingraham Cabinet at the time of a shuffle, which is expected to take place shortly following the June the 2011/12 National budget debate in the Parliament.

We are told the move will catapult Branville into a key Cabinet position and will hopefully by osmosis, draw into the FNM fold scores of angry FNMs who have collected to Bran.

Papa gat a brand new bag for Branville and Change is coming to the FNM.

Politicos working for the deal behind the backroom hinted, “This is the reason for the extensive media attacks recently by PLP insiders supporting Branville, namely Philip Galanis and others, to distract media attention of the backroom deal now being struck.”

Bahamas Press learnt the FNM is working on a massive October 2011 Convention to announce the new team, which will hopefully include Branville and all his loyal FNM dissidents back into the Party fold. The Convention is expected to crown the Bamboo Town MP as one of the likely successors to the throne of the Party.

Core DNA supporters shocked by the details tell us, “We cannot believe after one week of a major rollout this would happen. McCartney cannot turn back now. He is to deep in. Too many of us have signed up and paid the required $40 to join the Party. What will he do now, abandon us? Well muddo! Don’t tell me the blue-eyed boy of Papa throw a Ponzi Scheme on me.”

McCartney has cut deep into the FNM support base and a third candidate in any constituency will force a split in the voters supporting McCartney’s party and the FNM.

Will the DNA turn DOA [DEAD ON ARRIVAL]? BP is in the room and all we could say is, “It ain’t LONG NAH!”


  1. Anyone who believe this, I got beach front property in Arizona to sell to you. Just remember BP is a PLP propaganda machine. PLP wants to discredit Branville JUST as much as the FNM do, because those of us who were there at the launch know there are just as many PLP’s ready to check they DNA as there are FNM’s.

    Don’t mind the noise the PLP and FNM scared!

  2. BP…here you go again…did Mr. McCartney tell you of his plans? Hearsay as usual….alleged…please…

    I also heard from Mr. McCartney OWN MOUTH that if the elections came down to where he needs to take a side…he will take NONE!!! There will have to be a RE-ELECTION!!!! WHAP…now that’s my man of business….DNA – REDEFINING THE POSSIBLE!!!

    I hope this gets uploaded to this side….

  3. I don’t think this story has legs. Firstly, not even the return of Branville to the FNM can out- weigh the apparent desire by so many eligible voters to see the back of Papa and those puppets. I can imagine a scenario in which the PLP and its operatives would want to cast such a prospect into the fray at this time though. Christie is aware that the DNA is peeling away support and his hope of being the default choice, provided they (the PLP machinery) are successful at coloring Ingraham in a “certain way” is at risk. Suddenly its’ no longer the PLP or stay home (not voting – which effectively does nothing to hinder the success of the PLP at the polls) if one is a disgusted and disillusioned FNM supporter.

    That nonsensical attack of the DNA by the PLP (calling McCartney a dictator) should win joke of the month … serious. Is this the same Perry Christie who “warned” would-be contestants that any challenge of his leadership would have “consequences”? Tell Brad, Fred, Perry and Brave that we are not operating out of our short term memory in this election cycle. And that means that we will not forget the misdeeds from either side. Amen.

  4. Very intriguing article. Fallacy or Fact this is something that needs to be addressed by the Prime Minister and very soon.

  5. Even though I cant say definitively that I support his decision to form a 3rd party just yet (only time will tell…I’m still waiting to see the real ‘substance’ develop)…If he did decide to go back to the FNM at this point, that would be political suicide…. He would lose ALL credibility… I think he is a lil more methodical and smarter than this. He made a decision, and he should stand by it !!

  6. I believe a future for Bran is in the FNM.He knows that and I am certain his stand against the establishment and that count for something. Bran come back home

    • LOL! Many dogs return but it doesn’t mean they’ll eat it. Lets not forget that dogs are interesting animals. They roll around in smelly #*@$, drink water from toilet bowls, sometimes even eat their own droppings. Funny enough we still love our dogs. I’m not so sure the FNM or the Bahamian people would be so kind.

  7. It een ga happen. Bran just come off a high note with the convention. He done say Papa een caring, to go back would be worst than Christie returning to vomit. That would be like going back to…..da stuff ya flush down da toilet.

  8. Personally I hope this story has no basis as I believe the introduction of the DNA will bode well for the electoral process in the Bahamas.

  9. BP, since Bran resigned, I have maintained all along that the forming of a 3rd party was the wrong decision.

    All he had to do was wait.

    After the FNM gets defeated, he would have been the most logical choice the party would turned to after Papa steps down as leader in defeat.

    Some may not like it, but the fact of the matter is at some point in the future the DNA, like the BDM, will disband and join the FNM.

    Tommy T, Deon, Sharvargo, and Carl Bethel have all been rejected by the people. There isnt anyone else in the FNM who has any traction on a national scale.

    After the FNM is defeated we both know the calls will be great for Branville to return and he will be given anything he wants to come back.

    If this story is true and Sir D. Knowles is playing the part of intermediary, know this, the FNM is showing their hand as the establishment FNM’s are worried and Papa is in a vulnerable position.

    If they are reaching out to someone who Papa despises, then you know the establishment FNM’s have somewhat tuned out Papa and have come to the conclusion that Hubert Ingraham has lost public support.

    These fellas are looking to the future and for them, the future is now!

    They know the party support is weak and if the DNA was to even come close to splitting the FNM votes, your talking about a blowout election win for the PLP.

    This is what desperation smells like!

    Being the leader of an establish party is the quickest way Bran can become PM. There is no way the DNA will win 21 seats to form the next government. Heck, Branville seat isnt even a sure thing.

    The DNA morphing into the FNM is inevitable. It may happen 1,2 or 4 years from now, but its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

  10. I am not saying that this article is true or false because, I just don’t know. All along though, I have been saying that there is some kind of catch to this McCartney, FNM saga. Many in the FNM we know, are tired of Mr. Ingraham, and have been complaining and comparing him to the Sir. Cecil’s FNM. As I am now finding out that politics, is a cut throat game that some would undermine their own mama. They apparently don’t want, Mr. Ingraham as their leader any longer but, who in that party are brave enough to tell him so? Their perfect plan? Encourage, Mr. McCartney to leave, sit for awhile gaining the support of the many disenfranchised supporters, show that he could garner financial backing and launch his DNA, and presto!! The rumor of, Mr. McCartney returning to the FNM may come as a surprise to many but the surprise to me would be, if he doesn’t. The FNM want to win this upcoming election and as the climate stands now because, of bad management of the country, the disrespect shown to the people, the give away of BTC and the blatant disregard for human suffering, knows that it is almost an impossible feat.

  11. This will not happen. If Bran is intelligent as we assume he is, we will not see him going after his vomit. This will mean a short life in the political arena for him. Bran do not allow Durard or any one to distract you from achiving your goals. Even though you will loose the election, you will not loose your will. Papa is scared and you got their waters on. Keep the pressure and one day you will be Prime Minister.

  12. Sounds good, but I think it will be his political death. People are supporting him because they want change.

  13. look like ing-rum taking all a them down with him bran will be playing the same card mr.allen play on r.m. bailey park and ya see what happen to him.

  14. it may sound irresponsible to say, but I understand why many don’t care to vote at all! The FNM has alot of work to do within the party itself before trying to fix some of the problems they created. Many don’t want the FNM or the PLP. If Bran makes a move like that he could forget the support that he was getting. People respected him because of the stands that he took… now he wants to go back to eat vomit! Power and greed are destuctive!

  15. If he Branville does that he will be a fool, I hope he will continue heading in the right direction and DON’T LET THE DEVIL & HIS DEMONS FOOL HIM(Papa & the FNM). Branville keep your head looking forward alot of bahamians respect you now looking back is DEATH.

    • Good morning DNA that is hog wash let us not be distracted by the talks, Bran is not fool he will never return to those corrupt party, they are having problem within both parties so they are trying hard because they know like we know
      the DNA is the change for the country so be encourage DNA’S

      • Bran ga leave yall right there holding the bag. Who is the deputy Leader? Who is the Chairman. Who is the DNA!


        • Who is the deputy Leader? Who is the Chairman. Who is the DNA!

          The DNA is the Start of a new area in the Bahamas.
          The DNA is a civilize revolution that will be televised.
          Lets call the DNA a sign lets give that sign a symbol (?)

          This (?) represents the thousand of Bahamians who are tired of the same options, (FNM/PLP).

          (?) Represent an organized demonstration of the people, not taking to the streets in rage because of the decay
          social/education/safety/opportunities, or lack of vision of. (?) Is the people wanting a change by means of a civilize revolution by means of voting out the same old regimes of the Bahamas.

          (?) Is the reform that needs to be put in place, with the court system?

          (?) This symbol has no name, this symbol is frustration. (?) are the youths that want to preserver their future in the Bahamas, this (?) symbol is for the ones that care not to vote for the PLP/FNM.

          • i am a 22 yr old bahamian and this will be the first time i’m voting…i am tired of the back and forward between FNM and PLP. from school times all you could hear is the older folk arguing and a seperation of one nation becasuse of the war between these two parties…I hope Bran does not go back cuz i am tired. I AM READY FOR CHANGE

          • This was well said OneDay.

            I have been on this site many times but never gave a response.

            If the people of the Bahamas want a change from the same you have to go with whats new and different. Sir Lynden did not know about running a country when he decided he wanted to make a change to this Bahamaland, but he did it.

            I never thought I would ever live to see a black man be the President of the United States but he did it.

            We the PEOPLE of the Bahamas need to wake up and give our children and their children a chance to live in this land as Bahamians should. No sense complaining and not being willing to stand up and make a difference.

            We need younger people with new ideas and new vision to run this country, in order to make a change. I want the best for my children. We are not PLPs nor FNMs but we are Bahamians.

            Stand up and make a difference Bahamians!

        • yea whop si the party officers, is this a castro styled party, a gimmick, a scam, Boy we bahamians so fool. BUYERS BEWARE, something in the milk aint clean. BRAN DONT HAVE A PLAN. he making it up as he go. no substance no base. A one night launch with some singers says nothing about running a WHOLE GOVERMENT. you cant want to be PM. people have the want you to be their leader, come on Mr. an Mrs Bran and Obama gurls, this aint Nick TV. This is real life

          • There we go again putting TRUST IN ONE MAN! When are yinner going to realize this is the problem in the country!


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