Young Man sexually assaults young girl in car on West Bay Street –


Another man steals car on West Bay Street and is caught by police

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is investigating a 21-year old male now in custody after he attempted to rape a young girl in public on West Bay Street.

The man was arrested by police for questioning in reference to a sexual assault incident that occurred on Sunday – the Lord’s Day.

We can tell you an 18-year old female was in a vehicle in front of a West Bay Street Club, where the suspect, who is known to her, sexually molested her against her will.

Police arrested the suspect in the area shortly after the report was made. Sources believe police may have one of these suspects who have been on the loose and who are all over the place pulling young girls into these dark tinted vehicles.

We hope he gets what the Cubans got.

Meanwhile police nabbed another young bandit who stole a vehicle.

We can tell you a 21-year-old male is in custody after he was arrested by police for ‘thiefin’ a vehicle on Saturday.

Around 4:30am, police officers on patrol received a report that a Suzuki vehicle had just been stolen in the West Bay Street area.

Before police could fully process the new intel they spotted the JACKASS driving laid back in the stolen vehicle in the same vicinity. After a short chase, police brought the vehicle to a stop and arrested the suspect.

We hope he gets what the terrorists get at the detention centre in Cuba.

We report yinner decide!