Young People Dying in Record Numbers across the Bahamas – Great God What Do I See and Hear


Bahamas Press salutes the life of 71 year old, Ms. Patricia Johnson. Rest GRANT UNTO HER O LORD! AMEN!!!
Bahamas Press is praying for the families of the young who suddenly departed this life in the last week:

Anthony Rolle 20 of Claridge Road, Jessica Solomon 22, Degreory Hendfield – Died in Miami, Lyvette Charles 25, and Kaynisha McBride 24 – Murdered while in a car in Grand Bahama…

We also pray in particular for the family of Ms. Patricia Johnson Council Rep. for the Free National Movement Woman’s Association and Trustee for the Free National Movement Elizabeth Constituency Association. May she rest in peace! Amen!

May they all rest in peace…


  1. The reason for young people dying in record numbers across the Bahamas – LEVEL OF CORRUPTION IN CHURCH AND STATE IS WAY TOO HIGH. Covering the misdeeds of anyone who has committed crimes lead to …Injustice to one which becomes injustice to all whose lives as snuffed out after the pattern of neglect sets in and most authorities looking more incompetent.

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