Young woman is country’s 75th murder victim after weeks of crime silence


Boyfriend beheads girlfriend in afternoon horror

Young 23-year-old Kitley St. Breave is 75 murdered victim.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press releases the photo of the young 23-year-old woman who was massacred in the bedroom of her boyfriend on the weekend.

She is Kitley St. Breave of Quarry Mission Road and is a mother of two. The young girl was beheaded by her boyfriend who moved into the area some 7th month ago. Police are questioning, Gibson Rafael, of Charles Vincent #31B on Charles Vincent St. north of Cordeaux Ave.

The gruesome discovery took place around 7PM Friday. Sources tell us not a pin was heard following the incident. Neighbours said they heard not one scream from the small apartment.

BP is wondering where did Rafael, an illegal Haitian national, worked. Some tell us they believe he was employed on Paradise Island. How did this happened?

Boy I tell ya, what a sad way to end life.

St. Breave is the 75th murder victim for the year.

Police are also investigating another shooting that have resulted in two (2) males being shot. The incident reportedly occurred around 11:30 pm on Saturday 28th July, 2012.

Initial reports indicate that two (2) men were at Frogman Lane off Deveaux Street when they were approached by a dark male and subsequently shot multiple times.

The victims were taken to hospital where they are detained in stable condition.

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